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The changing face of the CFO

The C-suite is changing. Specifically, the role of the chief financial officer (CFO), which has evolved almost beyond recognition over the last decade. Now that we’ve experienced a global pandemic, the transformation of the role has been accelerated.

What is your greatest weakness? How to answer the most-feared interview question

Though it may not be the easiest to answer, there is a reason that interviewers ask this, and it’s not so that you can pretend that being a ‘perfectionist’ is a problem. Sometimes, you’ll be explicitly asked, but it can also be disguised in other forms such as ‘what challenges did you face in your last role?’ or ‘tell us one thing you would change about yourself’.

5 tips to reignite your 2020 hiring plans

Trying to explain 2020 to your 2019-self would be near-impossible. None of us could have predicted the coronavirus pandemic, and as a result many organisations found themselves unsure on how best to proceed to weather the storm.

5 sure signs that a candidate will add value as an employee

We’ve all had that one co-worker that seems to get through by achieving the bare minimum. As they clock out exactly on time every day, after putting in just enough effort – but no more than is asked of them – you’ve probably thought at least once, “how did they get hired?”. If the responsibility for recruitment lies with you, this is not a situation you’ll want to find yourself in.

Are contract workers the answer to your post-COVID hiring needs?

According to the latest data from the ONS, there are currently 4.76 million self-employed people in the UK. Many of these are contractors, working across various sectors to provide temporary support to different organisations. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, demand for and interest in contract placements has risen, owing to economic uncertainty and desire to continue developing.

Why a higher unemployment rate does not equal a bigger talent pool

According to the latest data from ONS, there are currently 1.34 million unemployed people in the UK. Approximately 8.9 million workers – 1 in 4 – have also been placed on furlough, with no guarantee that they will be able to return to their jobs. Candidates are eager to secure new opportunities, with the application-to-job ratio thought to have increased by 84 per cent in the second quarter of this year.

How to keep your team connected, remotely

The coronavirus pandemic has not been fun for anyone. But for most if not all business leaders, it has served as a reminder that cohesion among teams is one of the most important aspects of their role. It isn’t always easy to achieve, though.

How to lead in a crisis

If your inbox and social media feeds are anything like ours, chances are you have been bombarded with wave after wave of thought leadership articles dishing advice on how to, well, lead during the current crisis. Each piece of content will offer the ‘definitive’ this or the ‘essential’ that, but what is the best way to lead your organisation, department or team through testing times?

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