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The nice list: How to sleigh your Christmas marketing

When it comes to Christmas there is a lot to be excited about. Seeing family, presents and, of course, the festive atmosphere that is absolutely everywhere. Of course, brands have always tried to make the most of this seasonal period, from TV adverts to social media campaigns, November and December is dedicated to brands spreading their holiday cheer. But how can other replicate this success? Well, its time learn from those who are already mastering the craft.

The naughty list: three brands getting coal for Christmas

From the 1st November, bubbling cauldrons and eerie pumpkin carvings take a backseat as countless Christmas campaigns take over our screens. For the most part, they’re just as cliché as you’d expect: adults driving back to their childhood home; children tearing open presents under an exquisitely presented tree; families gathering around the dining table for a festive feast. So, it’s all about incorporating original storytelling with an unexpected twist – plus a dash of familiarity for good measure.

Five essential skills for marketers

Every industry has been affected by digital disruption, and marketing is no different. Although the discipline still requires distinctly human traits, the tech revolution demands different skillsets of marketing experts. Today’s creatives must also stay attuned to digital developments to ensure their best chances of success.

Is remote working the best thing for your business?

Flexible working schemes are taking the corporate world by storm. From changing the idea of fixed hours to the ability to work remotely, over four million workers now have the opportunity to determine their own hours and the location of their workday.

Lessons marketers can learn from scary films

Horror films have been around since 1896, when a visionary from France, Georges Méliès, made Le Manoir du Diable. While to this day the scary genre is not everybody’s cup of tea, there are certainly things that can be learnt from how they are made – marketers, take note.

Are your employees actually engaged?

Company culture is highly important in any workplace. Most companies are working to provide their people with strong work benefits, comfortable yet efficient environments and flexible work systems which benefit both employee and employer. But despite all of these advances, employee engagement remains a tricky thing to measure.

Are your Instagram followers faking it?

According to Instascreener, over the course of just three months, North American advertisers wasted $65m by distributing Instagram posts to bots rather than real-life consumers ready to part with their hard-earned cash. Despite achieving little success, these advertisers collectively spent $340m on Instagram advertising during the same time period – a 95 per cent increase compared to the previous year.

Why paid ads should always be a part of your social media strategy

Maximising your organic reach is challenging on social media, and it’s seen a steady decline in recent years. While organic growth is a slow process, it does have its advantages – and so does paid advertising. In fact, a combination of the two is the best way to extend your reach, boost engagement and drive revenues.

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