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Think manager, think man: disassociating leadership and masculinity

Although there has been a widespread push for more women in senior positions, the phenomena dubbed “think manager, think man” is still commonplace. Both men and women, when asked to envision successful leaders, typically think of traditionally masculine traits such as assertiveness and competence. More female traits, like trustworthiness and kindness, are seen as less important.

What can B2B learn from B2C marketing?

Marketing’s great divide is growing smaller. Although many differences exist between B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing, there are growing similarities and lessons to be learnt on both sides. Especially as business buyers behave more and more like consumers, and vice versa.

Just for you: The importance of personalised marketing

The amount of data available to marketers today is unparalleled and it’s growing fast. Thanks to connected technology like smart home devices and voice assistants, data quantity is expected to increase ten-fold by 2025. For savvy marketers, there are a wealth of new data sources that will make marketing hyper-personalised.

Click to buy: What Instagram

Instagram shook the retail and e-commerce world recently with the announcement of Checkout for Instagram. Extending its existing shopping feature, this new tool - currently in beta testing - makes shopping through Instagram almost totally seamless.

Gen Z

Those who are now entering the world of employment for the very first time are of a brand-new generation. Although people are working longer, meaning the workforce is getting older, this new demographic have new priorities, new viewpoints and, most importantly, new expectations.

McMarketing 101: 5 unforgettable McDonald

McDonald’s Monopoly is with us again, and alongside the chance to win cash, holidays and apple pies is a fresh helping of criticism of the popular competition.

April Fails

It’s the day that social media managers have been waiting for, but it’s gone in a flash. Every year we see brands pretending to launch laughably niche products and unfathomable services, but like finding a needle in a haystack, some hit the mark and get that little bit of traction they’re after.

Can retail experiences save the high street?

Boots have become the latest high-street chain to revamp their stores in a move to claw back the competitive edge from new rivals in the health and beauty sphere. With outdated retail experiences struggling to attract potential customers to make purchases in store, the company have desperately been strategising ways in which to survive the death of the high street.

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