Despite a career in recruitment stereotypically being a back-up plan, the industry is growing – with increasing numbers of people choosing to work in this fast-paced sector. So, if you’re not afraid to take on a challenge and you’re eager to positively impact people’s lives, this could be the career move you’ve been looking for. Or, if you’ve recently graduated, it’s a great opportunity to go straight into a role which gives you the potential to truly make a difference from the very beginning of your career.

Financial incentives

In most industries, you climb the career ladder by accumulating experience and then demonstrating your expertise. Naturally, the higher you climb the more your salary will increase. But in the recruitment industry, we do things differently. Many recruitment firms use commission to motivate employees, but graduates may be surprised to see that they will progress much faster than they would in a graduate-level role in other sectors. So, demonstrate your willingness to learn and you’ll soon be rewarded for it.

Employee benefits

For many prospective candidates, employee benefits are just as important as their annual salary. Here at Faulkner Scott, we completely agree and we’ve worked hard to ensure our office culture is relaxed and supportive. Some of the other benefits we offer include flexible working, private medical insurance, gym club, yoga sessions and extra time off – ensuring our staff feel refreshed and cared for both in and out of the office. Plus, in return for hard work and dedication, it’s common to receive bonuses and trips abroad too.

No experience necessary

Whether you’ve recently graduated or are simply looking for a career change, you’re sure to find an ideal job in recruitment. Roles in recruitment rarely demand specific qualifications or years of experience. Instead, it’s all about the skills you can bring to the table – and the ones you’re willing to develop too. As a result, recruiters tend to build more diverse workforces, which brings a wider variety of knowledge and skills to the team.

Transferable skills

If you’re confident, energetic and commercially aware, then recruitment is for you. Each day you’ll be exercising your communication, planning and collaboration skills – and luckily, these skills all transfer across most sectors. This is great news for prospective candidates, but it’s also useful if you decide it’s time to move into another sector further down the line.

Networking opportunities

Building your network is crucial for a successful career in any industry – and in recruitment, you’ll meet a huge range of people that could help you further your career. Building relationships is an essential part of a career in recruitment, and as your work will be so varied it’s likely these connections will branch into other sectors too. Again, you’re likely to reap the benefits of this later in your career.