Born between 1997 and the early 2010s, Generation Z are beginning to graduate from university and start their careers. They are now the most populous generation since Baby Boomers, with more than one-third of the world’s citizens counting themselves as part of the generation. In order to gain access to the top talent, organisations need to look at how they can both attract and retain Gen Z talent.

Create a diverse workplace

If diversity and inclusion aren’t top priorities for your organisation, you need to start shifting the focus. 72 per cent of Gen Z employees view diversity in the workplace as the most critical issue of today.

Gen Z are well versed in equality and diversity and expect their employees to be too. Less inclusive organisations may find they lose out to more diverse companies. In order to retain Gen Z employees and attract new candidates, your organisation needs to establish a genuine commitment to diversity.

Focus on wellbeing

Mental health is a big focus for Gen Z, with 70 per cent reporting they would choose a company that cares about wellbeing over a high salary. Show your commitment to employee wellbeing by cultivating a culture focused on both mental and physical wellness.

Consider flexible working

Gen Z are looking for greater flexibility from their employers. A vibrant remote culture with a shift towards goals achieved rather than hours working, will be vital to attracting Gen Z workers.

Review your values

Gen Z are less driven by salary and more concerned about whether your company’s values align with their own. They want employers who support a wider vision in the world and whose values align with their own. Now is the time to look at values and be transparent with your mission.

Support stability and security

Gen Z are more pessimistic about their futures than other generations. They have grown up during a recession and now a pandemic, so showing stability and job security is fundamental to retaining Gen Z employees. Take the time to sit down with your Gen Z employees and discuss their career aspirations and expectations.

77 per cent of Gen Z workers expect to work harder than previous generations. So creating greater stability for Gen Z workers will not only benefit them but your organisation as a whole.

Be tech-savvy  

Generation Z are tech natives who don’t remember a time without the internet. It’s no surprise that 50 per cent of Gen Z daily spend 10 hours or more online. With this in mind, now is the time to make your office a ‘smart’ office. Start investing in tech upgrades and cloud technology and integrate mobile technology and apps into the workflow.

Take time to revisit your online presence and social media strategy. A poor online presence looks out of touch to Gen Z and will leave potential candidates with the impression your organisation is behind the times.