When it comes to Christmas there is a lot to be excited about. Seeing family, presents and, of course, the festive atmosphere that is absolutely everywhere. Of course, brands have always tried to make the most of this seasonal period, from TV adverts to social media campaigns, November and December is dedicated to brands spreading their holiday cheer. But how can other replicate this success? Well, its time learn from those who are already mastering the craft.


Many businesses have now mastered the art of storytelling within their Christmas ads. Whether they take the approach of a recurring character like Lidl’s Kevin the Carrot or they have new storylines each year like John Lewis’s Buster the Boxer and Edgar the Dragon, the campaigns are a prime way to boost the Christmas spirit and rocket their sales.

The John Lewis advert is now so synonymous with Christmas that viewers anxiously await its release each year – the business has even started releasing “teasers” before the full ad is premiered. And it’s not just branding that this improves, the retailers also make a pretty penny from merchandise sales.

Interactive Content

Of course, it’s not all about the TV ads, and what Google have done with their interactive Santa Tracker shows how brands can boost their online presence over Christmas. The gamification of this content is what really draws in the website traffic and whether you’re still a believer or just looking to get into the festive spirit, the Santa Tracker seems to appeal to everyone.

The best part about this form of festive campaign is that Google are constantly improving it. What began as a fairly standard tracker is now a fully interactive service, which other companies can borrow thanks to Google’s sharing of the digital code. The constant evolution of a single campaign is true to Google’s form and ensures customers come back time and again over the festive period.

Festive products

Finally, we look to the festive products and Costa and Starbucks do this particularly well. While opting for completely different styles, both company’s festive cups each feature Christmas elements. In addition to the cups, they also bring out their own range of seasonal flavours.

Both the cups and flavours are highly anticipated every year and it’s something that really work’s in Starbucks’ and Costa’s favour. The holiday-themed coffees and hot chocolate certainly draw people in and promote repeat business. Some customers will even go to lengths to ensure they try each flavour or collect the different cups. In addition to this, both Costa and Starbucks are also capitalising on their festive-themed cups by offering their own reusable cups to customers. While helping the planet, they also are also placing their loyalty stamp on each customer who purchases these cups.