Rumours are swirling that employees are fed up. Lack of progress, combined with mistreatment during the pandemic and a general need for change are thought to be key drivers for what is being dubbed ‘the Great Resignation’.  

There’s almost always more employee movement at the beginning of the year, so how can you tell if your business is at risk?  

Engaged employees are much less likely to depart an organisation – so here are the warning signs to look for when engagement is waning.  

Sick days on the rise 

It used to be the case that staff took more sick days in January than any other month. The January blues combined with increased risk of infection during the winter months lead to an increase in absences. However, working from home has changed sick days somewhat, with some employees continuing to work through illness, or simply take time off without reporting it. If your employees are taking noticeably more sick days, it is worth investigating to see how they’re feeling towards the company.  

Lack of interaction 

If you’ve got employees working from home, it may not be unusual for them to have quieter periods throughout the week. However, if you notice a lack of enthusiasm in meetings, it may be that your employees are disengaged.  

You should also look for subtle signs elsewhere. Do your employees like and share your social media posts? Do they talk about your company positively? Sometimes, saying nothing can be as bad as saying nothing at all.  

Missed deadlines 

Has an employee begun to struggle with their workload? Have they missed targets or deadlines without an obvious reason? This could be a sign that they’ve started to lack in motivation and engagement.  

Take the time to speak to your employees and ensure that there isn’t another problem – such as lack of capacity – causing them to miss deadlines. If not, it could show a lack of engagement 

Ineffective incentives 

One sure-fire way to increase motivation is to offer a good reward. Maybe you have a good commission structure already, or perhaps you’ve revamped your offering. If your employees aren’t excited by incentives, it could mean that targets feel unachievable or that the rewards aren’t really what they want. It could also be a sign that they just don’t feel connected to the company.  

Keeping your staff engaged over the next few months could make all the difference when it comes to your retention. It can also help you to recruit too as employees act as brand ambassadors for your business.  

The current jobs market is incredibly competitive, with hiring tougher than ever. Make sure you’re looking after the talent you already have. 

If you feel your business is struggling with a lack of employee engagement or high staff sickness, get in touch with one of our experts to discuss your options.