It’s no secret that 2022 has been a tumultuous year. Three prime ministers, a cost-of-living crisis fueled by war in Europe, and public sector strikes seemingly on every street corner. For many, the economic and social challenges have led to job losses, or in some cases simply stagnation.

If you’ve been considering a change of career, now may just be the perfect time to do it. If you still need a little nudge in the right direction, here are four reasons to make 2023 your year of change.

New opportunities in new industries

There has never been a greater deal of choice for jobseekers. With the economic landscape constantly shifting, some industries are booming while others lag behind. Tech may seem like a scary world, but there are a huge number of transferable skills that mean those options are open to you, and more and more businesses are offering training budgets and improved entry-level packages in order to meet demand – there are more jobs than candidates in the market.

Upskill and up-certify

That improved investment in their employees by businesses means an opportunity for you to reach new heights. Whether its through an online class, in-person seminars are weekly classroom sessions, company-funded training schemes are on the up. Seeking an employer with an impressive learning and development offer will not only allow you to make 2023 a year of change, but enable you to continue progressing in the years to come.

Ready up, employee

“We’re losing our jobs to robots!” you hear them cry. While roles may be lost to automation, employment positions are not – they’re merely changed a little. Automation is becoming increasingly prevalent and shows no signs of slowing in 202. It has made, and continutes to make, a hugely positive impact across the board, but that hasn’t alleviated everybody’s fears. Taking a sideways step into a tech role will mean you are on the right side of the challenge – working with the ‘robots’, and not against them.

Changing workplace cultures

Office, or workplace, culture has changed dramatically in the past few years. Covid brought with it a raft of changes in attitudes, particularly when it comes to remote and flexible working arrangements. Employers that offer such benefits are no longer seen as the generous few, and are instead the expected majority. Finding the right role in 2023 will mean you are able to shape work around your life and not the other way around.

The new year is just around the corner, and it’s full of possibilities. Employees who learn to work with tech, instead of against it, will be those with the biggest prospects – but that can be you as well. Make 2023 the year you finally achieve that seemingly impossible work-life balance.