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Does your HR department need a restructure?

This month, a survey by APQC, the benchmarking and best practices research firm, found that 85 per cent of HR Departments are restructuring or planning to do so in the next 24 months. 

Should remote workers receive pay cuts?

Now, reports suggest tech giant Google may issue pay cuts to US staff who choose to work from home permanently, particularly if they are living in cheaper cities – cuts should reflect the cost of living, the Silicon Valley firm said.

How can an SME manage a global workforce?

The pandemic created a unique business situation. As organisations look to the future, leaders are rethinking the workplace and what the future of work means for their organisations and employees.

The future doesn’t have to be remote

The pandemic has caused significant shifts in our working world. 60 per cent of employees are still working from home and some companies have even given up their office space entirely. However, most companies actually benefit from working in an office and many employees are desperate to return. While many think the future of work must be remote, that’s not necessarily the case.

What is the future for freelancers?

The UK has become increasingly dependent on the self-employed workforce. The pandemic caused the freelance industry to grow, with almost 50 per cent of businesses increasing their use of freelancers in 2020, and 60 per cent of business owners planning to use more freelancers in 2021.

Should you enforce a ‘no jab, no job’ policy?

As the world begins to return to normal and organisations start preparing to return to the office, companies face difficult decisions around employees’ COVID-19 vaccines. Many businesses are considering implementing ‘no jab, no job’ policies for new recruits.

What skills will future leaders need to manage AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) will never replace the role of a leader, but it’s certainly changing the nature of leadership. Traditionally, leaders have been expected to bring a mixture of hard and soft skills to the table, but now, many of these more technical hard skills are simply not required. Instead, AI can carry out processes such as data analysis, coding and budgeting, leaving humans to make full use of their interpersonal skills.

How to help employees back to the office

When the pandemic first began, the UK experienced a huge shift from office work to remote work, with 46.6 per cent of the workforce working from home by April 2020. As businesses start to reopen, employers need to consider how to manage a successful transition back into the office.

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