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How to onboard staff remotely

In the days leading up to the Prime Minister’s announcement that the country was entering a period of lockdown, little had changed when it came to hiring. But the moment Mr Johnson addressed the nation by saying, “The coronavirus is the biggest threat this country has faced for decades,” many employers sought to defer their onboarding of new staff due to perceived difficulties in doing so.

Keep calm and carry on: How HR can manage business continuity in a crisis

In the midst of a crisis, anchoring the ship and guiding employees ashore is a task that typically falls to HR. Working closely alongside the senior leadership team, the HR department will be responsible for clearly communicating the employer’s plans to tackle the crisis, anticipating and answering any questions that may arise, and prioritising employees’ health and wellbeing.

How can we improve diversity in marketing?

Diversity and inclusion have been a huge focus for many industries over the past few years. There are now multiple surveys which highlight where companies are falling short in the race to achieve true equality and inclusion.   In a recent survey, Marketing Week found that a lack of diversity within marketing is a ticking timebomb that could undermine the creative future of the profession: while 60.9 per cent of respondents were female, their presence significantly lessens as roles become more senior. The same survey revealed that 82 per cent of marketers define themselves as coming from upper middle, middle or lower middle class backgrounds. 

The evolution of HR

HR unquestionably now plays an essential strategic function for businesses of all sizes.Once focused predominantly on employee-related administration, with the advancement of digital technologies, the emergence of new sectors and an uncertain political climate, it’s not hard to see why HR has had to adapt to companies’ changing needs.

Is your business really "people-first"?

A new survey shows that 82 per cent of businesses are seeking to improve their people-first approach. It will come as no surprise that this tactic has become favourable over the past few years; more and more companies are now making headlines by offering welling benefits and incentives such as four day working weeks, flexible hours and on-site health and therapy facilities. Business leaders are realising that it’s the people that work at companies which make them successful, and that is who they need to look after.

Why workforce parity isn’t enough for women

It has been predicted that it will take the UK almost 75 years to reach gender parity – and it will be a staggering 208 years for the US to follow suit. Within the next half century, just 15 countries will close their gender gap, with Iceland paving the way. Thriving societies and economies must be driven at all levels by both genders, yet despite record numbers of women protesting, speaking up and even winning elections, there’s still a long way to go.

Does the climate crisis need a rebrand?

2019 was unquestionably a big year for eco-warriors, with the climate crisis dominating headlines. Throughout the year, while activists like Greta Thunberg became more prolific and sizeable demonstrations made the news, there has a been a backlash towards individual environmentalists and groups such as Extinction Rebellion.


At surface level, marketing is the art of persuading consumers to choose a particular product or service rather than their competitors. Marketing professionals are experts in communicating in a convincing manner and, perhaps unfortunately, reinforcing consumerist culture. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Why can’t we use those same skills to shift the focus to a different kind of messaging?

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