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Are your job ads putting people off?

A recent survey has found that potential candidates can be put off from applying to roles as soon as they read the job advert. While it may seem like a small element, used just at the beginning of the job-seeking process, poor wording is diverting 50 per cent of job seekers away from roles they could be perfect for. So, what can recruiters do to avoid the trap?

Does HR need to worry about social media in the workplace?

On average, UK employees spend 13 hours on social media each week – and that’s only during working hours. The survey revealed that most of these employees reached for their phone as the day drew to a close, typically between 3pm-5pm. Upon this realisation, many HR departments may call for a total ban on social media, but there are actually plenty of reasons why social media could be beneficial in the workplace.

Five reasons to consider a career in recruitment

Despite a career in recruitment stereotypically being a back-up plan, the industry is growing – with increasing numbers of people choosing to work in this fast-paced sector. So, if you’re not afraid to take on a challenge and you’re eager to positively impact people’s lives, this could be the career move you’ve been looking for. Or, if you’ve recently graduated, it’s a great opportunity to go straight into a role which gives you the potential to truly make a difference from the very beginning of your career.

What a recruiter is really looking for from your LinkedIn page

LinkedIn isn’t just a social network for professionals – it’s an invaluable tool for shaping how your colleagues and potential employers perceive you. While most people know that recruiters will scrutinize your LinkedIn profile, very few realise exactly what they’re hoping to see.

Diversity is more than skin-deep: Building a truly diverse team

Naturally, we’re drawn to people who are similar to ourselves – particularly when we’re recruiting. So, while we may think that we’re building a diverse team by selecting candidates who look different to us, it’s likely that their opinions are very similar to our own. The true value in diversity, however, is building a team comprised of individuals with conflicting opinions. This encourages debate, which sparks creativity and flexes our critical thinking skills.

How to get referrals

With 78 per cent of B2B marketers claiming that referrals are excellent at generating leads, it’s no surprise that you’ll want to prompt more of them. Of course, the number of leads resulting in a sale is imperative, but referrals often have a much higher conversion rate than other marketing channels such as direct advertising and social media.

How to respond to a pay-rise request

It’s something that most, if not all, business owners will encounter at some point in their lives. No matter how reasonable you think your offering is, from pay to added benefits, there is likely to be one employee who wants a little extra. Sometimes the request is justified and perhaps expected, while others will come as a bolt from the blue. Just like any other deal, there’s an art to dealing with it in the right way to make sure the outcome is in the interests of all parties involved.

Carlsberg, KFC and the art of self-deprecation

We’ll all have experienced those time when we do something and soon come to the realisation that we could’ve done it a little better – you could’ve done something in the office more efficiently, you could’ve run a little faster, whatever it may be. The key to self-improvement in these instances is simply a three-step process: hold your hands up, admit you didn’t do your best and then ensure you progress the next time around.

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