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The big impact of the micro influencer

Influencer marketing isn’t over, but it is changing. Fyre Festival might have happened – or not happened – almost two years ago, but thanks to new documentaries from Netflix and Hulu, and the recent incarceration of founder Billy McFarland, it’s still very much in the public consciousness.

A swing and a miss: What Gillette and Avon ads mean for brands wanting to get woke

Taking a stand on a political or social issue is nothing new for brands. We’ve already seen Ben & Jerry’s tackle climate change, AirBnB oppose Trump’s travel ban and Pepsi – rather unsuccessfully – raise awareness of the Black Lives Matter movement. Once upon a time, brands would do anything to avoid taking sides on a polarising argument, but as millennials, in particular, become increasingly invested in businesses which have a good corporate social responsibility, there is a lot of potential in choosing a side of the fence.

Monopoly Mike: Ashley

At the end of last year, high street stalwart HMV went into administration for the second time in six years. The 2013 collapse forced the closure of more than 100 stores, seeing HMV’s presence on the high street slashed in half as they sought a £300m lifeline. Fast forward to this year, and poor Christmas sales have put the business in a similar position.

The impact of automation on the supply chain

It may have been a few years since word first came out that Amazon were trialling 30-minute delivery-by-drone, but that doesn’t mean new technology hasn’t been exerting its influence upon the supply chain since. From robot pickers to self-driving cars, there are a multitude of ways in which tech will impact the supply chain.

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